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Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services - Western Province
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Curaitve Care

Office of Provincial Director of Health Services is responsible for curative services under guidance of Provincial Director of Health Services, Consultant Community Physician and Consultant in Community Dentistry. They are mainly responsible for the following:

  • Planning curative health care services
  • Monitoring health care institution activities
  • Maintaining databases
  • Conducting surveys and operational researches
  • Coordinating with MOOH and other departments to ensure implementation of curative care projects

For delivering curative care services to the community of Western Province there is a network of hospitals ranging from District General hospitals to primary medical care units.



  • District General Hospitals: 2
  • Base Hospital Type A: 4
  • Base Hospital Type B: 4
  • Divisional Hospital Type A: 05
  • Divisional Hospital Type B: 13
  • Divisional Hospital Type C: 16
  • Primary Medical Care Units: 81
  • MOH Offices: 47
  • Total bed capacity (WP): 6131
  • Total patients who had in-ward services (WP, 2014): 782,651
  • Total patients who attended clinics (WP, 2014): 2,125,725
  • Total patients who attended out patients departments (WP, 2014): 6,044,170


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