Provincial Training Center for Health Staff

In order to upgrade the quality of service of the staff of Western province Health department, it is proposed to provide them with special training opportunities.However due to lack of a proper training facility, a number of special training opportunities have been missed.Moreover due to the unfilled vacancies of paramedical and public health staff positions that exist in most of western province hospitals and medical officers of health areas providing a quality services has become very challenging.

The proposed training center can be used to train the staff who are recruited by the central government for paramedical positions such as MLTs and Pharmacists and public health staff.It also can be used for in service training activities as well as for the training conducted by other organizations.Even in some other provinces this type of training centers are successfully being operated.

The following reasons caused the selection of premises of BH Mirigama to build this training centre:

  • Easy access to BH Mirigama by both bus and train for the staff of all three districts of the province
  • Calm and quit environment which extends through 17 acre land area
  • Availability of a hospital which can be used for practical sessions and availability of a MOH office in the close vicinity.

Target: Office of Provincial Director of Health Services of western province is planned to finish construction of this training center in 2017.