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DAY CARE centre opened in base hospital Avissawella

Day care center for health staff‘s children is opened by Dr Deepthi Perera; Provincial Director of Health Services on 2016.06.28 at base hospital Avissawella.

These centers are planned to establish in each and every hospital to look after staff member’s children during their duty

Mission in action

ADUREN ELIYATA programme, which developed with concept of Dr Deepthi Perera; Provincial Director of Health Services, is conducted in Bandaragama Base Hospital on 2016.06.27 with presence of honorable guests.

Under this programme 18, low income senior citizens with cataract are benefited with free lenses and all the drugs. Phaco machine, which worth of 10 million rupees is purchased for these surgeries under provincial private health sector grants.

Cataract surgeries are done by eye surgeons with collaboration of college of eye surgeon.

Target of this progarmme are developing eye theaters in under-utilize surgical theaters and create 5000 benefiters per year in western province.  DSCN0333_Easy-Resize.comFirst step of

Media seminar on actions taken to reduce spread of dengue by department of Health-western province

Department of Health-western province held a media conference on 8th June at health department auditorium to discuss on actions taken for reduce spread of dengue in western province. Mass and printed media representatives got together to witness this event and spread this message to community.

Provincial Director of Health Services of Western Province Dr Deepthi Perera spoke about how informal waste disposal will increase dengue prevalence in community.

PDHS-WP also briefed about web based notification  system which can use to identify infected places for indoor fogging to reduce  dengue spread with early identification of infected patients with  laboratory test(NS-1 Antigen).

The coloured bags concept is introduced for in time,clean waste separation.DSCN0108 DSCN0105DSCN0126

සුභ පැතුම්

ලක්වාසී සියලුම දෙනාටම ඡය සතුට සපිරි සුභ නව වසරක් වේවා….
බස්නාහිර පලාත් සෞඛය සේවා අධ්යක්ෂතුමිය ඇතුලු කාර්යමණ්ඩලය

Huge campaign to eradicate rabies from western province from 2016

In 2014 there seven deaths notified due to human rabies in western province, so to eradicate this 100% fatal disease from western province department of health is stared free dog sterilization and vaccination campaigns from 1st of April 2016.

Inauguration is held on 1st of April, 2016 at Thalawathugoda, weerasekara mawatha with participating provincial ministers, provincial council members and provincial health staff.

In these 2 days, 24 vaccination centers and 2 sterilizations centers are held in Thalawathugoda public health inspector area. During these two days 706 dogs were vaccinated against rabies and 84 female dogs were sterilized which achieves almost 70% vaccination rate among both domestic and stray dogs.

These programs are conducted by office of the Provincial Director of Health Services-Western Province also plans to conduct in other regions in western province in 2016. DSCN9180


welcoming to guests-Honorable minister of health and indigenous medicine-western province, Provincial Director of health services,Director veterinary services, Deputy directors of health services-western province, Regional Directors and Deputy directors of health services


Explaining regarding red collar program


caring stray dogs to vaccination and sterilization


vaccination against rabies


sterilization surgeries


vaccinated and sterilized dogs with red collars

PDHS-WP Web site Re-launched

PDHS-WP web site is re-launched on 23/02/2016 parallel to certificate award ceremony at Sri Lanka institute of Development and Administration (SLIDA) by Provincial Director of Health Service-WP,      Dr: Deepthi Perera.
To carry out HHIMS program successfully in selected hospitals in Department of Health Services- Western Province, Soft ware Training program was organized by office of PDHS-WP for relevant health officers with collaboration of SLIDA. Certificate award for officers, who successfully completed this program, was held on 23/02/2016 at Auditorium of SLIDA with presence of,
• Mr.Wasantha Deshapriya                                                                                                                                     Secretary
Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure
• Dr. Deepthi Perera
• Prof. M.Thilakasiri
Director General
• Mr.Sriyananda Rathnayaka
Program Manager
• Mr. Mahesh Dayananda
Project Manager
• Medical Supernatants and Staff Representations of Avissavella, Horana, panadura and Homagama      Hospitals.
• Trained Officers

Parallel to this ceremony Updated PDHS-WP web site is re-launched by Dr.Deepthi Perera, Director of PDHS-WP.
DSCN8569 (Copy)

DSCN8576 (Copy)

Lighting the oil lamp by Guests

DSCN8607 (Copy)

Launching PDHS-WP website