Office of Provincial Director Health Services is planned to establish a cluster laboratory system from 2016 onward to aid peoples who are taking medicine from smaller hospitals which there are no government laboratory.

Key aim: Minimizing expenditure of patient’s money who are taking medicine from smaller hospitals for necessary laboratory test which these peoples has to spend money for.
Method: Laboratory test are done in DGH and BH level laboratories, and samples are planned to send from smaller hospitals to identified labs.
Implementation: As basic steps to establish this program automated analyzer for already established laboratories and scooters for transport are purchased.

Table 1.Planned collecting centers for each RDHS Area.

RDHS Area Collecting Center
Colombo BH Homagama
BH Avissawella
Gampaha DGH Gampaha
DGH Negambo
BH Wathupitiwala
Kaluthara BH Panadura
BH Horana