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e-Hospital Project
Essential Drug Stock Alert Tracker

e-Hospital Project

The Western Province has been very fortune to have initiated successful hospital information system in this country. Now there are 3 institutions which have implemented this system, in DH Dompe, BH Avissawella, and BH Panadura respectively.

In these hospitals Hospital Health Information and Management System (HHIMS) runs which gives benefit to both patient and Hospital employees. In this system all the patients can get bar coded electronic health card, for free of charge after entering data in first visit and also subsequent visits. This system ultimately guides to have complete medical record for each patient.

This system also connects to dispensary to drug dispensing. In Dompe hospital this system develops to take electronic appointment system also.

Advantages of HHIMS

  1. Easy and Fast retrieval of Past records, leads to more accurate diagnosis by doctors.
  2. Electronic queue management system prompts a hassle free service.
  3. Methodical re engineered service line-up provides a faster service.
  4. Paperless service.
  5. Interconnected service points to improve the quality of care.

Initial implementation it will cost 6 to 7 million rupees for each hospital to provincial ministry and also subsequent training to staff also organized.

In 2015 first steps are taken to implement hospital information system in BH Homagama, BH Horana and DGH Gampaha.



Electronic Channeling System (from e-hospital project Dompe)

Electronic Queue Management Center (Copy)

Electronic queue management ( from e-hospital project Dompe)

Doctors' work station (Copy)

Doctor’s work station ( from e-hospital project Dompe)

Essential Drug Stock Alert Tracker

Each health institution maintains their drug stock within their own drug store. However with the present manual system, real time drug stock status information of each institution is not available at the RMSD or at the regional and provincial health offices. Therefore they are not able to take steps to replenish stocks in a timely manner.

As a result most of the time shortage of pharmacy items in health care institution is not due to the shortage of drugs at RMSD or MSD but due to this poor communication between RMSD and health institutions or unequal distribution of the items from the RMSD. This leads to large hospitals having a relatively large unused stock of items while at the same time smaller hospitals like rural hospitals are out of stock for the same items.

To overcome this problem a simple web based application was developed and deployed. At present there are 26 essential drug items are listed in the data entry form. It was decided at the provincial level that each institution must maintain a stock of pharmacy items for 2 weeks usage at any given time. Each institutions average daily usage is entered into the system and from that their reorder level is calculated. There is colour code system implemented and the user dash board visualize the available stock with the colour code (Green color indicate that stock it satisfactory. Yellow color indicate that the stock is below the reorder level and red color mean stock is zero).