Aim: As non communicable diseases are leading cause of death in Sri Lanka, the aim is to reduce the number of NCD related deaths via healthy life centers are established in the Western Province.
Services: These clinics has basic facilities to provide health guidance, screening, basic treatment, referral and follow up for target population, age between 35-65 years.
Method: People are recruited mainly by self referral following community empowerment and through appointment by public health and health volunteers. In addition opportunistic screening and health guidance may be provided.
The healthy life style centers are conducted by Medical Officers/Registered Medical Officers in primary health care institutions and MO/public health, MO/health promotion or any other medical officer in other institutions. Nursing officer, Diabetic nursing officer, Health education nursing officer, Health education officer and volunteers are provided support to carry out clinic activities.

Guidelines for screening, data management and evaluation are,

  1. Any person preferably 35-65 years and previously undiagnosed for NCD are an eligible candidate for screening.
  2. Risk behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and use of alcohol, are assessed and intervened accordingly.
  3. BMI assessment, blood pressure and fasting capillary blood sugar are checked among previously undiagnosed persons.
  4. Clinic sessions are conducted at least once a week with the participation of about 20 clients.

At least 3 healthy life style centers per each MOOH area are established in western province under supervision of provincial director health services and regional director health services at each district.

HLC centers in Western Province

Serial Number RDHS Area MOOH Area HLC Centre
1 Colombo Hanwella CD Hanwella
2 Colombo Hanwella CD Waga
3 Colombo Homagama CD Brahmanagama
4 Colombo Homagama CD Meegoda
5 Colombo Homagama CD Rukmalgama
6 Colombo Kaduwela CD Dedigamuwa
7 Colombo Kaduwela CD Kaduwela
8 Colombo Kolonnawa CD Angoda
9 Colombo Kolonnawa CD Sedawatte
10 Colombo Maharagama CD Pannipitiya
11 Colombo Maharagama CD Rukmalgama
12 Colombo Nugegoda CD Delkada
13 Colombo Nugegoda CD Obeyseksrapura
14 Colombo Padukka CD Thummodara
15 Colombo Padukka CD Pinnawala
16 Colombo Pitakotte CD Madiwela
17 Colombo Pitakotte CD Mirihana
18 Gampaha Attanagalla CD Bemmulla
19 Gampaha Attanagalla CD Thihariya
20 Gampaha Attanagalla CD Weyangoda
21 Gampaha Biyagama BOI-Biyagama
22 Gampaha Biyagama PU Biyagama
23 Gampaha Divulapitiya DH Divulapitiya
24 Gampaha Divulapitiya DH Akaragama
25 Gampaha Dompe CD Malwana
26 Gampaha Dompe CD Methirigala
27 Gampaha Gampaha MCH Makewita
28 Gampaha Gampaha CD Weliweriya
29 Gampaha Ja-ela MCHC Gallewatta
30 Gampaha Ja-ela MCHC Kadana
31 Gampaha Ja-ela PU Ja-ela
32 Gampaha Katana CD Halpe/Katana
33 Gampaha Katana MCHC kebellagama
34 Gampaha Katana MCHC kebellagama
35 Gampaha Katana MCH Katana
36 Gampaha Kelaniya BH Kiribathgoda
37 Gampaha Kelaniya CD Hunupitiya
38 Gampaha Kelaniya CD Peliyagoda
39 Gampaha Kelaniya CD Sinharamulla
40 Gampaha Mahara CD kadawatha
41 Gampaha Mahara PU Udupila
42 Gampaha Meerigama BH Meerigama
43 Gampaha Meerigama CD Muddaragama
44 Gampaha Meerigama CD Ambepussa
45 Gampaha Meerigama CD Maligathenna
46 Gampaha Meerigama PU Bokalagama
47 Gampaha Minuwangoda CD Manelgamuwa
48 Gampaha Minuwangoda BH Minuwangoda
49 Gampaha Minuwangoda CD Korasa
50 Gampaha Ragama MCHC Batuwatte
51 Gampaha Ragama MCHC Kurukulawa
52 Gampaha Seeduwa CD Raddolugama
53 Gampaha Seeduwa CD Seeduwa
54 Gampaha Wattala CD Handala
55 Gampaha Wattala CD Uswetakeiyawa
56 Kaluthara Agalawatta BH Pimbura
57 Kaluthara Agalawatta MOH Agalawatta
58 Kaluthara Bandaragama DH Bandargama
59 Kaluthara Bandaragama MOH Bandaragama
60 Kaluthara Bulathsinhala DH Bulathsinhala
61 Kaluthara Bulathsinhala MOH Bulathsinhala
62 Kaluthara Dodangoda DH Dodangoda
63 Kaluthara Dodangoda MOH Dodangoda
64 Kaluthara Horana BH Horana
65 Kaluthara Horana MOH Horana
66 Kaluthara Ingiriya DH Ingiriya
67 Kaluthara Ingiriya MOH Ingiriya
68 Kaluthara Madurawela DH Galpatha
69 Kaluthara Madurawela DH Halthota
70 Kaluthara Madurawela DH New Chatal
71 Kaluthara Matugama DH Katugahahena
72 Kaluthara Matugama DH Matugama
73 Kaluthara Palindanuwara DH Baduraliya
74 Kaluthara Palindanuwara MOH Palindanuwara
75 Kaluthara Panadura BH Panadura
76 Kaluthara Panadura CD Wadduwa
77 Kaluthara Walallawita DH Ittepana
78 Kaluthara Walallawita DH Meegathenna