Private Care

Why register at Private Health Service Regulatory Council (PHSRC)?

According to the private medical institution registration act no: 21 of 2006 which is certified on 14th July 2006 by the parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, no person or authority can establish or maintain any healthcare institution except under registration of PHSRC.

Duties of Provincial Director for Private Care:

1. Issue applications/ information forms
2. PDHS will scrutinize and pursue the application together with the relevant documents for competence and accuracy. PDHS might to the inspection and report by way of check list depending on the situation.
3. Inspection of institutions.
4. Investigation and handling of complaints of private health care institutions, which are reported to PHSRC.
5. Distribution of certificate of registration and recognition boards.

Aim: We expect the state quality and efficient health care institutions to provide better health care services.

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