Procument Decision- ICU & WARD Equipments

Procument Decision- ICU & WARDE Equipment
Provincial Director of Health Services  (W.P) 2017
No Equipment Name Selected Company
1 Anti DVT Pump Akbar Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd
2 Multipara monitors for Wards Meditechnology Holdings
3 Cryo Gun Technomedics International (pvt) ltd
4 Defribrilator with extnal pace making Meditechnology Holdings
5 Double JAR Suction Apprator Technomedics International (pvt) ltd
6 ECG Machine IMS holdings
7 Icu beds Not to Purcharse
8 Infusion pumps Meditechnology Holding (pvT) ltd
9 Laryngescope IMS holdings
10 Laryngoscope(Adult)Mocoy) Mervynsons (PVT) LTD
11 Multipara monitors TMI Solution
12 Portable Patient Monitor Medex Holdings (pvt) ltd
13 Portable Suction Apparatus Medex Holdings (pvt) ltd
14 Pulse Oxymeters Meditechnology Holdings
15 Syringe pump Denme medicals
16 Blood gas analyzer Recall
17 X ray Illuminator MG Medicals
Please refer Government Procument Guildline 8.3