Red collar programme (Rabies prevention programme)

Problem identified: An alarming problem has been identified of deaths due to rabies in western province in past years.

Number of human deaths due to rabies

Year Notified deaths due to Rabies – WP Notified deaths in Sri Lanka
2014 7 19
2015 6 13 (1st half of 2015)

Aim: The objective of this rabies prevention programme is to reduce the human deaths due to rabies to zero by 2016 and save cost of unnecessary anti rabies vaccination.

The office of the PDHS-WP already started programs to prevent rabies in western province through responsible dog ownership including vaccination against rabies and sterilization of stray dogs.

Current % of canines vaccinated each year: 40%
Total dogs who went through the current programme for 2014: 23479
Minimum % of canines that need to be vaccinated to eradicate Rabies: Over 70%

Innovation: From this year onward office of the PDHS planned to provide colored collar for immunized dogs in addition of book which color changes with year. For year 2015 a red collar was provided for vaccinated stray dogs.


Immunized dogs with its Red collars