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Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services - Western Province
Maternal and child care services

Maternal and child health care services, provided through Antenatal Service Field Clinics as well as through Home Visits. All the mothers attending Antenatal Clinics are subjected to physical examination and tested for Hemoglobin, diabetes and VDRLs, while referring the mothers with complicated pregnancies to Consultation Clinics for consultant medical treatment. The total number of registered mothers in year 2018 was 74,663 and the live births that took place in the said year was 85,678. From among the deliveries that take place within the Western Province, 99.96% are institutional deliveries, whereas, 0.04% domestic deliveries have taken place and that too have been carried out by trained persons. Therefore, a quality Maternal and Child Health service could be delivered to the entire Community. In order to maintain these positive conditions continually, programmes planned at district level by utilizing Provincial Council and National level financial provisions, to train staff, to raise community awareness, for targeted mediations as well as for regulatory and supervisory affairs on total maternal and child health system have been implemented. Several maternal and child health data of year 2018 have been stated below. (Source: Annual report 2018/FHB)

Indicator Present condition in Western Province National Level Millennium Development Goals
Utilization of modern family planning methods 54.7% 64.6% 57%
Infant Death Rate 7.1/ 1000
(live births)
(live births)
6/ 1000
(live births)
Utilization of modern family planning methods 54.7% 64.6% 57%
Teenage Pregnancies 3.4% 4.4% 5%

Nutrition and Psycho-Social development monitoring and intervention for kids from birth to 5 years are done by the Public Health Midwives (PHMs) under the supervision of Public Health Specialists.


School Health

Indicator Colombo Gampaha Kalutara Western Province
Less than 200 students 226 403 186 815
More than 200 students 82 157 170 409
SMI Percentage 100% 100% 100% 100%
Surveillanced Children Percentage 75.04% 89.79% 84.94% 84.93%

Students in grades 1, 4 and 7 in all schools with more than 200 students in the area, and all students in schools with less than 200 students in total, undergo a school health check-up once a year to identify their health status, immunization requirements, dental health and other health needs, and provide micronutrients. Children diagnosed with the condition are referred to hospitals and follow-up is done. Simultaneously, public health inspectors inspect school sanitation (toilets and drinking water facilities) as well as canteens and garbage management. In addition, lunch providing is also monitored in schools where the lunch is provided.

The Provincial Ministry of Health and the Department of Health have jointly established Provincial Committees on School Health Promotion with the objective of improving the health of the school community in the Western Province. Decisions are made in relation to.


Dental Health

Following community services are operational with the objective of improving the oral health of the people in the Western Province.

Treatment Service: being conducted by Dental health units are located in primary health care units, district hospitals, base hospitals and district general hospitals.

Distribution of dental clinics in health institutions

Number of dental clinics available in hospitals Number of community dental clinics Number of adult dental clinics Number of school dental clinics
Colombo 24 14 11 47(SMO- 15)
Gampaha 32 1 7 35
Kalutara 15 4 4 19
Western Province 71 19 22 101

Preventive Services: Conducted by school dental clinics, adult dental clinics and community dental clinics.


Special activities related to oral health conducted in the Western Province during the years 2017-2018

  • A special oral health program was conducted at the Mawathagama Health Promotion Village in the Hanwella Medical Officer's Division to commemorate World Oral Health Day. The Oral Health Program conducted mobile dental clinics at three locations in Mawathagama Village, conducted an oral health exhibition and a sticker campaign to raise public awareness on oral cancer.

  • Community awareness campaign on oral health and conducting mobile clinics for identifying and treating dental problems in the community.
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