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Office of the Regional Director of Health Services - Colombo
Our Services
Preventive Care

We provide preventive health care services via 18 Medical Officer of Health (MOH) areas, 11 Adolescent dental clinics, 16 community dental clinics, 46 school dental clinics and regional branches of National campaigns such as Anti filariasis campaign, Antimalarial campaign and Dengue prevention campaign etc.

Focal Points are,

  • Medical Officer of Health for 18 MOH areas
  • Dental Unit
  • Antifilarial Unit
  • Entomology Unit



  • Field level Maternal and Child Health activities
  • Provide Maternal and Childcare, Family planning services
  • Conducting well women clinics
  • Field adolescent clinics
  • Communicable disease surveillance and implement control measures.
  • Conducting school health promoting activities
  • Food handling and safety
  • Non communicable disease surveillance and conduct clinics
  • Send the information to relevant authorities for evaluation of services.
    (Eg: Family Health Bureau, Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health etc.)
  • Maintain community groups to enhance public health of the people.


  • Supervising Healthy Lifestyle Clinics
  • BMI monitoring
  • Screening for Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Brest cancers and PAP smears
  • Direct patients to appropriate clinic and maintain follow up clinic records
  • Geriatric care
  • Mother support groups (help to achieve health targets) provide care to resolve health problems in MOH area
  • School Health Clubs (maintain canteen policy, empower the students to look after their own health as an individual and family)
  • Happy Village concept
  • Conduct medical camps in the field for betterment of the people on demand with the help of NGOs
  • Intersectoral collaboration for prevention of communicable and NCDs Eg: KasalaPola, Lattalotta etc.
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Maligawatta Secretariate Buliding,
P.O.Box 876
Colombo 10

Tel:- 0112326248, 0112452440
Fax:- 0112381258
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Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services - Western Province