Dengue Fever

From among the epidemics existing currently in the Western Province, Dengue occupies a prominent place. At present, the largest number of Dengue patients reported in Sri Lanka, majority are reported from the Western Province. The proliferation of dengue patients from year 2014 to present date is as follows.

Colombo Gampaha Kaluthara Western Province National Level
2014 11,067 8,777 2,049 21,893 47,502
2015 7245 7,130 3,502 17,875 29,777
2016 13,045 7,683 3,502 24,230 55,150
2017 28547 31647 10961 71132 186101
2018 10258 5857 3155 19270 51659
2019 20718 16573 8395 45686 105049
2020 4257 2666 1810 8733 31162
Upto July 2021 2288 971 586 3845 10424

Dengue epidemic situation prevailed all over the country in year 2017 and the majority of patients reported in Sri Lanka were from the Western Province. Two hundred ten (210) deaths were reported in that year. In order to control this situation, activities were carried on under the financial provisions of National Dengue Eradication Unit continually. Under the dengue emergency disaster situation, Emergency Dengue Treatment Units were established in Piliyandala, Thalangama and Wethara Divisional Hospitals in Colombo district, Kiribathgoda and Meerigama Divisional Hospitals in Gampaha district and Panadura and Horana Base Hospitals in Kalutara district. Certain medical equipment in this regard has been provided from the Line Health Ministry and measures were organized to create an inter-hospital connectivity. Similarly, permission was given to get laboratory reports from private laboratory services. Rupees 4,001,500.00 have been spent in year 2017 on behalf of Dengue eradication programmes.

In order to prevent an emergence of Dengue epidemic situation along with the South-West Monsoon rains, special mosquito eradication programmes were conducted in high-risk Medical Officer of Health Divisions with a view to minimize Dengue epidemic conditions. Herein, religious places of worship, schools and government institutions, factories and houses were inspected at risk-prone Medical Officer of Health Divisions and Grama Niladhari Divisions. Disease Control Assistants and Public Health Officers carried out this inspection and they delivered instructions relating to prevention of diseases.

Similarly, currently, having discussed with the Ministry of Buddhist Affairs and having inspected the places in temples and Daham Schools about Dengue breeding places, a programme has been prepared to prevent such situations, whereas, special programmes in this regard have been prepared at village level through Rural Development Societies as well as in Government institutions. Also, a waste disposal system was implemented in Medical Officer of Health Divisions where Dengue was prevalent. (Eg: Latta Lotta Programme in Medical Officer of Health Divisions of Kolonnawa, Dehiwala, Moratuwa, Borelasgamuwa, Piliyandala and Maharagama ). In addition to that, an action plan has been prepared for the Western Province by National Dengue Eradication Unit, according to which, dengue eradication activities take place in Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara districts. Rupees 5,304,500.00 worth provisions have been allocated in year 2018 in this regard.

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